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Course Tour

Hole 1

Hole #1 gives you a soft start to a demanding day. Measuring a comfortable 370 yards and offering a wide fairway, the par-four first hole allows you to ease into your round. The lake, which runs along the driving area is avoidable, but do not be fooled as this lake has devoured thousands of balls of players who lost focus for only a second.

Hole 2

Hole #2 demands your best and will punish poor play. The uphill tee-shot will mislead you, and the narrow fairway will exploit your poor accuracy. Hitting the small, well-bunkered green from your unlevel fairway lie is no “piece of cake”, so despite the short yardage a par (four) here is an excellent score.

Hole 3

Hole #3 allows you to catch your breath. Measuring 130 yards and offering a large, one-level green, this par-three hole should allow you to improve your golf-stats while shaking off the disappointment from the previous hole.

Hole 4

Hole #4 is shown in the dictionary under “strategy”, and is the ultimate risk-reward hole on the course. With Out-of bounds left you’ll be forced to flirt with lake on the right on every shot. With a long, accurate drive big hitters can easily reach this Par-5 in two shots, but the looming punishment for the slightest driving-mistake often tames visitors into laying-up off the tee. A forced carry over the water to the small, sloping green will humble both the weak and the strong.

Hole 5

Hole #5 will require you to lay-up off the tee, and even though there is a lake to the right of the fairway, you should have no problem hitting this fairway. The green is guarded by a lake in front, but the expecially large green will hold a shot, and should make an easy target for you. A four (par) is almost a “must”.

Hole 6

Hole #6 is a very demanding par three. Half of the green is almost not useable due to the severe contouring, and the odd shape of the green makes it seem impossible hit. A par is a good score here.

Hole 7

Hole #7 is a simple par four, nearly straight and measuring a modest 350 yards from tee to green. Hit your drive into the narrow fariway and you should be on your way to a par.

Hole 8

Hole #8 is consistently one of the toughest on the course. A demanding tee shot which must land between the OB on the left and the lake on the right leaves a long iron-shot to a deceptively difficult to hit green, which is well-guarded by both sand and water. Be happy with a par (four) here.

Hole 9

Hole #9 is a birdie hole for most players. A par five dog-leg right measuring only 475 yards, this hole offers comfortable fairway width off the tee and several options on the approach. Play within yourself here and you will be rewarded with a nice score.

Hole 10

Hole #10 is the signature hole and is both beautiful and fun to play. This driveable par 4 will tempt you to “go for the green” in your quest for an eagle.

Hole 11

Hole #11 is a formidable par five, requiring exact shot-placement throughout. The demanding tee shot requires decent length and better-than-average accuracy. Measuring 475 yards, long hitters can reach the green in two, but they better be on their “A” game to avoid the trouble that looms from beginning to end.

Hole 12

Hole #12 is a demanding par three. The elevated “postage stamp” sized green is tough to hit from 165 yards, and chipping to this narrow green requires exceptional touch. Par is a good score here.

Hole 13

Hole #13 is the hardest hole on the course dispite being the 6 handicap hole. It requires a lengthy drive and an accurate and lengthy approach to a two-tiered green. Your work is not done when you hit the green, as putting on this small, sloping green requires as much imagination as skill. If you make a four here you will beat most of the players in your group.

Hole 14

Hole #14 dog-legs gently to the left and offers a bit of forgiveness off the tee. The over-sized green receives a shot well, and should set you up for a realistic shot at a birdie if you are on your game. A par (four) is still a good score here though.

Hole 15

Hole #15 is an exciting par three with both length and trouble. You’ll be tempted to “bail-out” to the left to avoid the lake which runs the entire length of the hole on the right. This hole features the largest green on the course. Not a push-over by any means, you should be satisfied with a par on this 165 yard hole.

Hole 16

Hole #16 is one of CCA’s prettiest. Most players will lay-up off the tee before hitting a short iron over the water into the small, two-tiered green. Play within yourself here and you should be able to walk away with a par (four).

Hole 17

Hole #17 is a deceptive dog-leg left par four. Keep your drive in the right half of the fairway and you should leave yourself with an iron-shot of modest length. Hit is off-line and you’ll be one of many players who walk off the green wondering how they just made a double-bogey on a hole that looked so simple.

Hole 18

Hole #18 demands a good drive. Although the fairway has adequate width in the landing area, hazards both right and left seem to pull balls in like a vacuum cleaner. If you are lucky enough to hit the fairway, your march to the final green should be nearly trouble-free.

Birdie holes: #4, #5, #9, #10, #16

Trouble holes: #2, #8, #11, #12, #13